Frank Kingdon-Ward
Timeline of events. 1885-1958

1885 born Nov. 6th younger bro. of Winifred b.1884
1886 Father made professor of botany royal indian engineering college. Family moves to Englefield green.
1890 'Expelled' from first school in France. 'A source of great hilarity' to him.
1893 Met Queen Victoria 'fleetingly' in a country lane he doffed his cap she bowed as her carriage went past.
1894 Boarding at Colet Court. (prep school for St. Paul's)
1895 Father appointed Prof. botany Cambridge. Frank meets best freind; Kenneth Ward (no relation)
1896 Attends St. Paul's school.
1904 Christ's college Cambridge. Studying Botany.
1906 Father, H.M.Ward, dies. Education cut short. Sits tripos a year early and gets a second class degree.
1907 Sails for Singapore to teach at public school.
Invited on American zoological expedition sponsored by duke of Bedford. Discovers a new species of shrew and mouse. Also collects several herbarium specimens. Seperated from party for two days without food.
1911 'On the road to Tibet' published. Shanghai press. Bees seeds comission Frank to lead exp. to Yunnan. First solo exp. Lost for three days without food. Suffered fever and deleriousness. returned 200 species including 22 new to science. Elected Fellow of Royal geographical society and Linnaean society.
1912 First return to England. 1st lecture. Climbing in Swiss and Italian alps.
1913 1913 3rd exp. Yunnan and Tibet. Held up by Chinese revolution, red tape and soldiers. Managed to return about 200 species. 'Land of the bue poppy' published.
1914 April: exp. Burma: 40" tree falls on tent, minor injuries. Falls off cliff, caught by tree. Village destroyed by storm. Hears news of war 7 weeks after its start from English officers during return journey. March to Fort Hertz, followed by 6 weeks of high fever.
Dec 1914 Joins indian infantry as 2nd lieutenant.Given censorship duties. Wanted to go and fight the Germans
1915 Dec: made liuetenant: Still cannot get to the front despite trying.
1916 Given rank of 'acting' Captain: Sent to Mesopotamia (Iraq) recieves 'Cuthbert Peek' grant for exploration from the R.G.S.
1918 Promoted to Captain in December. Despite his requests, he never saw action. (To the relief of his mother and sister who had seen enough freinds dressed in black to know what he had unwillingly escaped.)
1919 North Burma exp.
1920 2nd Return to England. Takes a partnership in nursery garden.
1921 1921 Exp. Yunnan and Tibet: 'In farthest Burma' published.
1922 Exp. Yunnan and Tibet: More bouts of fever, Hears news, in December, of mother's death in June.
1923 1923 'Mystery rivers of Tibet' published Married Florinda Norman-Thompson. 23rd April. Moved into house at Hatton Gore. (on site of present day Heathrow airport) Sold loss making nursery business
1924 'From China to Hkamti Long' and 'The romance of plant hunting' published:
Exp. to Tsangpo; with Lord Cawdor. Discovered rainbow falls 40" and many smaller falls but could not find ''mythical'' falls. Many plants brought back including 75 rhododendrons.
1926 Birth of 1st daughter Pleione. 21st March. - 'Riddle of the Tsangpo gorges' and 'Rhododendrons for everyone' published. - Percy Sladen memorial exp. North Burma and Assam. Discovery of the tea rose primula.
1927 Visit to New York guest of the Roosevelt's.
1928 2nd daughter Martha born 11th March. 2nd. Percy Sladen Mem. Exp. Assam Mishmi hills with H.M. Clutterbuck.
1929 Expedition: Burma and Indochina
1930 Expedition: North Burma. 'Plant hunting on the edge of the world' published.
1931 'Plant hunting in the wilds' published
1932 'The loom of the east' Published.
1933 Expedition: Assam and Tibet. Around this time moved to Cleeve court, Streatly.
1934 'A plant hunter in Tibet' Published. England.
1935 Assam and Tibet.exp. 'The romance of gardening' Published.
1937 Exp: North Burma and Tibet. - Divorce from Florinda.
1938 Assam, North Burma Return to England.
1939 Visit to America and worlds fair. return to England to join the war effort.
1940 Censors department war office. (hated the drudgery) posted to Scotland for special training.
Journey via Africa, middle east, India and Singapore to Thailand; on mission for war office: Locate escape routes in case of Japanese invasion. - 'Assam adventure' published
1943 Setting up fuel and ammo dumps in the jungle ready for the japanese invasion.
1944 Bombay "special assignment" doing nothing.
1945 'Modern exploration' published.
1946 Expedition: Assam, Khasia hills. - 'About this earth' published.
1948 Expedition: Assam, East manipur. - 'Commonsense rock gardening' published.
1949 Expedition: Assam, Mishmi hills. - 'Burma's icy mountains' and 'Rhododendrons' published.
1950 Expedition: Assam and Tibet. - 'Footsteps in civilisation' published
1952 'Plant hunter in Manipur' published.
1953 Expedition: North Burma.
1954 'Berried treasure' Published.
1956 Expedition: West central Burma, Chin hills, Mount victoria. - 'Return to Irrawaddy' Pubished
1958 Died 8th April. Buried Churchyard, Grantchester, Cambs,
1960 Pilgrimmage for plants, published.