Bonjour et bienvenue à French 4 Tots.
Hello and welcome to French 4 Tots.

This site began as a side project back in 2004, when I was given a book of French nursery rhymes, all in french, with musical scores. I spent a long time transcribing the musical notes into a music editing program and decided to upload the tunes to my personal website. Suddenly the site got ten times as many hits as before from all over the world and it soon became obvious that I needed a separate website. was born and has been a popular site ever since, despite my amateur web designing skills.

Feel free to explore the links and enjoy the site. All resources are free and, I hope, will remain so for as long as the site exists.

Email address info AT french4tots DOT co DOT uk

The advertising has never covered the cost of maintaining the site but your emails of appreciation make it worth the small hosting cost. To stop spam I am using an image for the address. Please type this into your email program. Sorry for the inconvenience.