Florinda Norman-Thompson.

First wife of Frank Kingdon-Ward

Florinda Norman-Thompson was the daughter of Robert Norman Thompson and Helen Constance Orpin. Born 11th April 1896 the youngest of four children, she had two brothers and a sister, Livingstone William Norman Thompson, b. 05 Oct 1878, William Orpin Thompson, b. 11 Mar 1881, Cicely May Norman Thompson, b. 06 Aug 1891.

Her parents both owned substantial estates, her father's at Greystones, near Dublin, and her mother's at Newtownards near Belfast. Robert Norman Thompson trained as a doctor to tend to his own estate workers because they could not afford the fees of the local medic. He cut a fine figure in his hunting pinks astride a chestnut horse. Sadly he died relatively young leaving Florinda with her mother whom she despised. Her mother was brought up to believe that they were rich by God's will, and that poor people were being punished by God for the sins of their ancestors. Florinda had so little respect for the beliefs she was taught by so called Christians that she turned away from religion completely. She also turned away from her aristocratic background and pursued a political career as a Liberal, even retaining her deposit at the Lewes by election, when the Liberal party had a particularly terrible general election result.