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A family tree beginning with Frank Kingdon-Ward.

Frank Kingdon Ward was a successful and famous explorer and plant collector. He wrote and published 25 books as well as contributing to inumerable magazine and newspaper articles. He explored areas of Western China, Burma, Tibet, and Assam from 1909 to 1958. But he was certainly not the only high achiever in his family.

His cousin Stephen Ranulph Kingdon Glanville was a professor of Egyptology at the British Museum and another cousin William Kingdon Clifford was a renowned mathematician. Another branch of Frank's family had three sons who all became captain of St Paul's School.

The information here comes originally from two studies of the family name and has been augmented by internet and other research done by myself.

Frank's immediate family


Francis Kingdon Ward was born in 1885 in Manchester. He had one older sister Winifred Mary Ward born the previous year. Another sister, Dorothy born the following year, died in infancy


Their parents were Harry Marshall Ward, professor of botany at Cambridge, and Selina Mary Ward (née Kingdon) the daughter of an Exeter Lace and fringe maker.


Frank Married twice, the first marriage to Florinda Norman Thompson gave them two daughters. His second marriage was to Jean Macklin.

Webtrees family tree

I am compiling a full family tree starting again from scratch and trying to do the job properly. You can visit the work in progress by following this link. The basic family ties will be detailed here but it is not possible to include the thousands of individuals in the full tree without using a GEDcom website software package. I chose webtrees because it is open source and very fully functioning.