Frank Kingdon-Ward
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A list of published books by Frank Kingdon-Ward.
FKW also published inumerable articles in a variety of magazines. I do not intend to attempt a list of these; EVER!
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On the road to Tibet. 1910 Shanghai Mercury ltd. Shanghai. Original is EXTREMELY RARE.
Brand new reprint Ulm/Donnau 2006 isbn 3-931997-26-X available from in English only.
Land of the Blue Poppy
$ The Land of the Blue Poppy: Travels of a Naturalist in Eastern Tibet
1913 Cambridge university press. Said to be one of Frank's best books.
In farthest Burma.
$ In Farthest Burma.
1921 Seely Service and Co.
Mystery Rivers of Tibet.
$ Mystery Rivers of Tibet.
1921 Seely Service and Co.
From China to Hkamt i Long 1924 Edward Arnold and co.
The romance of plant hunting.
$ The romance of plant hunting
1924 Edward Arnold and co.
Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges
$ Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges
1926 Edward Arnold and co.
Rhododendrons for everyone.
$ Rhododendrons for everyone, (The Gardeners' chronicle handbooks)
1926 The gardener's chronicle ltd.
Plant Hunting on the Edge of the World.
$ Plant hunting on the edge of the world.
1930 Victor Gollancz
Plant hunting in the wilds.
$ Plant hunting in the wilds, (Pioneer series)
1931 Figurehead (pioneer series)
The loom of the east.
$ The loom of the East,
1932 Martin Hopkinson Ltd.
A plant hunter in Tibet.
$ A plant hunter in Tibet (The Odyssey library)
1934 Jonathan Cape.
The romance of gardening.
$ The romance of gardening
1935 Jonathan Cape.
Plant Hunter's Paradise
$ Plant hunter's paradise,
1937 Jonathan Cape.
Assam adventure.
$ Assam adventure
1941 Jonathan Cape.
Modern exploration. 1945 Jonathan Cape.
About this earth.
$ About this earth;: An introduction to the science of geography
1946 Jonathan Cape.
Commonsense rock gardening.
$ Commonsense rock gardening
1948 Jonathan Cape.
Burma's icy mountains.
$ Burma's icy mountains
1949 Jonathan Cape.
$ Rhododendrons (New gardening series)
1949 Latimer House.
Footsteps in civilization
$ Footsteps in civilization
1950 Jonathan Cape.
Plant hunter in Manipur 1952 Jonathan Cape.
Berried treasure 1954 Ward Lock and co. ltd. London and Melbourne.
Return to the Irrawaddy
$ Return to the Irrawaddy
1956 Andrew Melrose.
Pilgrimage for plants
$ Pilgrimage for plants
1960 George C. Harrap and co. ltd. Published pothsumously. Including a list of FKW publications.

The following is a list of books which I think are relevant to the subject of this site.
I would welcome any suggestions as this is an open ended list.
Frank Kingdon-Ward. Biography
$ Frank Kingdon-Ward
Charles Lyte The only published biography. Some factual errors but mostly accurate and informative.
Himalayan Enchantment
$ Himalayan Enchantment
An anthology, Edited by John Whitehead. An excellent collection of Frank's writings.
Tibetan Trek Ronald Kaulbak The story of an expedition from the point of view of one of Frank's travelling companions.
Pack Up Your Medicines: 1939-1947 C.V.Hammond The story of wartime field pharmacy. The author met FKW on his travels.
Manipur: Maid of the mountains R. Constantine Mentions FKW in respect of the search for wild tea.
Plant-hunting in China. E.H.M. Cox Covers the history from the earliest explorers to the time of FKW. Cox was a contemporary of Frank. His grandson is Kenneth Cox, who finally found the mythical falls and republished The Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges.
My hill so strong Jean Kingdon-Ward

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