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Games you can play to improve your French.
Colouring book.
There are now three pictures to colour in. Each time you click on a colour you hear the name of the colour in French. I will add other pictures from time to time.
This little piggy went to market.
French parents play with their babies too!
Guess the colour.
A simple javascript game. Type in the name of a colour in French, I included a list of possible answers and you get hints to help you narrow it down.
I spy with my little eye.
Classic car journey game. I have included a list of things starting with each letter, with thumbnail pictures.
Simon says.
Call it "Simon Dit" if you prefer. I'll give you a selection of verbs for things like sit down, stand up, jump around, etc. and you have yourself a fun game.
Match the pairs game.
Classic memory game.
javascript taken from javascript site which is freeware.
I changed some of the details of the script to make it more relevant to my site.