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First 100 words in French.
Each link goes to a group of ten words.

First words Numbers 1-10 colours Parts of the body Clothes
About the house In the garden Animals Favourite things Food and drink
This is the index page for French 4 tots "first words". Here you can find pictorial links to various subject groups. First words links to a group of ten really basic childrens vocabulary terms, eg mummy maman daddy papa hello bonjour etc. numbers leads you to un deaux trois quatre cinq six sept huit neuf dix all set out like a proper counting book. colours goes to a color wheel with all the main colors, in french and english. then there is parts of the body, items of clothing, around the house, in the garden, animals some favourite things and nice food and drink. I hope to add more updates to this section soon which will be more interactive using Flash instead of HTML but time is the main problem here.